7 Secret Techniques Of Product Marketing Strategy For Startup

Starting a business mainly requires lots of resources, financial options, innovation, and many others. There are two basic elements is required for the successful startup: Great product or services Great marketing plan As said, 50% of the start-up fails in the first five years of a consistence, Product Marketing Strategy is one of the integral

Know About Deep Patel, His Struggles And How He Made His 1st Millions

world youngest millionaire- ENSETT

Name– Deep Patel Known as– America’s youngest self-made millionaires. Age– 21 Occupation– Serial Entrepreneur, Marketer And Author Recognized– Top 25 Marketing Influencer By Forbes Contributor at Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and Forbes. ************************************************************ Who Is Deep Patel? If one had to define Deep Patel in a single word, it would be, “marketer.” Deep Patel is