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    Trusted by 10,000+ Indian SME Manufacturers

    "We have gone our production capacity, ENSETT still manages without any lag. It is a must have software for inventory management."

    Mr.Parth Thakkar

    Polfrost Solutions

    "The remarkable thing about ENSETT is, It has removed the communication gap among our different teams, and has made Production planning simple."

    Ankit Mathur

    Greenway Gramin

    We provide Customizable ERP Solution for your business

    A customized ERP solution is like a tailored suit. You know you’re going to need something that’s going to fit your business perfectly, and that is going to fulfill your needs, but it’s hard to find a suit that does both of those things for you.

    So, here we are with our customized ERP solution.

    Automate your business

    • Creating a fine user interface for your client/customer to connect to your personnel.
    • Calculate payroll of your staff without any errors and less effort from the HR staff.
    • You can easily contact your vendors regarding your supply chain management.
    • With the help of automated ERP you can manage where your money flows.

    Increase revenue and sales

    increase revenue with software
    • Businesses that implement ERP software achieve 100% ROI within 27 months, on average.
    • Our ERP Software reduces internal frustration and improve efficiencies, while also supporting growth and reducing costs.
    • Our ERP Software improve customer experience which helps you increase revenue from existing customers.
    • Data is real-time, so you can get a pulse on sales activity at any point in time, rather than waiting for data to be reconciled between systems

    Using this software, you can automate Your business 10X

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      Some Questions Asked By People

      What is ERP and why do I need it?

      ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP commonly refers to a system that integrates information across the organization. This system, which relies on a single database, automates the flow of information within the system.

      Most systems are modular and allow you to add modules as you grow. Modules are usually tightly integrated; an update in one module often affects information in other modules. The modules all carry a consistent look and use the same layout.

      ERP systems used to be for very large enterprises but in the last decade, systems have been designed for smaller businesses. A well-designed ERP system usually incorporates many aspects of a business – from CRM, order management and the supply chain to sales, accounting and marketing. When configured correctly, an ERP system gives you a clearer view of your business.

      What if I’m a really small company? Will ERP still benefit me?

      You can find all kinds of ERP systems that incorporate different business processes (some do supply chain and HR, for example, and others don’t). ERP systems often have a minimum user requirement in order to maximize return-on- investment. InOrder, for example, is designed for companies with ten or more users.

      How to choose right ERP?

      Cost Benefit Analysis

      The cost of ERP implementation versus the benefit derived post implementation is a critical factor for consideration. An ERP should help overcome the cost and continue to pay dividends for years to come.

      Business Specific Requirements Implementation

      Although the basic operation model is standard in every industry vertical, there are exceptions that make yours’ unique. An ERP should account for and cater to each exception and meet the precise requirements of your business.

      Unrealistic Implementation Expectations

      ERP sales representatives often understate the level of resources required to close the deal. Therefore, many companies fail to budget adequate time, money, resources and external consulting support to make the project successful.

      Modules Selection

      An ERP consists of multiple modules. However, a business should limit the scope of the implementation to the module(s) needed to meet its operational goals. An attempt to overachieve can lead to failure.

      Cost of Implementation

      ERP implementation can be a long and expensive process. Businesses should identify the deliverables and relevant cost implications for development and deployment of various modules along with the timeline. Cost of ownership of the required hardware system is a onetime expense, however the cost of upgradation and maintenance should be carefully considered as well. Additionally, salaries of IT managers and trained operators will remain a recurring cost

      How long will it take to implement exactly RP?

      We are proud to say that our implementation process is fastest in the world today. Our on-time implementation guarantees go-live in just twenty days

      What technology used in exactly ERP development?

      Exactly ERP is developed mainly in dot.net. The dot net application runs faster and is highly secured and cost effective. It also leverages the Server/Client, allowing you to work on any technology, be it LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

      Will Exactly provide ERP training to my employees?

      Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, Exactlly provides training to your employees. If a trained employee leaves you, and you hire a new person, we can even train your new employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives.

      How Exactly team supports the product after implementation?

      It is helps to provide on-time, on target support to our all customers irrespective of where their branches or offices are located. Also our consultants can connect on your server on real time for any kind of support required or maintenance.

      We offer annual maintenance programs that include technical support for your ERP system, or we can provide technical support on an individual incident basis.

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