7 Social Media Trends For 2021 To Bang The Market

As we have entered into a new decadelaughinglaughinglaughing, some things in our life will remain unchanged such as social media Trends for 2021.

Even social media statistics for 2021 will show an increase in the number of social media users.

Its usage has become common among people of varied ages.

With the implementation of stay-at-home order during pandemic times in March 2020, Ijam-web.org gathered a report on the increase in monthly social media usage. You can check out it here.

All over the year, consumers continued to use social media platforms for staying connected with their loved ones. Besides, they also used it for product research, getting news updates, accessing millions of media files, and endless entertainment.

Today, the world has attained 3.6 billion social media users. Brands are tried to figure out ways to engage audiences on their social media channels this year.

Their strategy is moving around “what social media trends for 2021 need to be followed and expected in the changing environment”?

Brands in social media need to adapt according to the changing atmosphere, that’s why social media marketing trends 2021 holds a lot of importance for them.

Below, I have collected a few 2021 social media trends where social media marketers have to put their eyes on.

7 Social Media Trends For 2021 To Observe:

  1. Brands will stay focused on the less is more approach.
  2. Content value matters more than the production quality.
  3. Conversational marketing will be improved with a tweak in its tone.
  4. Video content will grab the most attention.
  5. Social media platforms will continue growing.
  6. Users will make full use of gaming and VR.
  7. Humaning marketing will be valued more.

Neil Patel

Do Something  you are passionate about because it won’t feel like work. This way you will  work harder and longer.

Neil Patel.

Now, Let’s study each social media trends for 2021 in detail:

1. Brands will stay focused on the “less is more” approach:

Brands played smartly in 2020 by concentrating less on content curation and more on providing content, which serves value to the audience. Something thoughtful, informative, and relevant, these are the significant part of social media in 2021 and beyond. 

Hendrickson has said that this trend of “less is more” is will be seen in the social media trends for 2021 too.

He has clearly explained that the brands are expected to post thoughtful content even if less will be posted. Forget about algorithms because you are doing the right thing. This will flourish more thoughtful ad buys and partnerships.

less is more- new social media trend


2. Content value matters more than the production quality in social media trends for 2021:

Businesses were compulsed to foster remote working in 2020. It was a big challenge for the social media and marketing teams for creating scalable production processes and that too from home.

Despite everything else, consumers were using social media to view videos, live streams, and other social media content. All these were made from the team working at home offices. From this, marketers received the idea that lower production quality content can be engaging too but only when it serves a value to the audience.

3. Conversational marketing will be improved with a tweak in its tone:

Conversational marketing is not new. Some reputed brands are already using it to connect with you through social media platforms at any time.

However, digital media trends 2021 hints that there will be an increase in the messaging channels. Consumers require more details for spending their valuable money in the right place. This means the tone of conversational marketing will be different in the social media trends of 2021.

For instance, traditional marketing techniques have relied on promotions and quick sales but in 2021, marketers might try to help the user either by educating related to a product or something else.

The words of Aaron Kaufman, Director of Social Media at Square Enix in Social Media Trends Report has pointed out that brands have to follow a human approach on social media.

He said to bring the audience for engaging and meaningful conversion. They can achieve such a goal by leveraging and combining the power of AI and human interaction at the same time.

Consumers will keep getting the authenticity that they need for developing trust in a brand and making a worthy investment.

Take the example of a chatbot. It can respond to messages quickly whereas sales, service, or community management reps can answer complicated questions.

Conversational Marketing

4. Video content will grab the most attention:

One of the social media trends of 2021 is the reliability of video content. The 2020 prediction said that 80% of consumer traffic would reach through video. Therefore, digital video making will continue to happen in media trends 2021. People will still stick to the attractive television ads.

YouTube is the best proof by being the third largest search engine after Google and Google Images.

Marketers must include video in their social media marketing 2021 strategy for enhancing growth. The ideal way is to start running video ads on YouTube and Instagram. Moreover, a brand can design video content in-house or take assistance from an influencer for endorsement in his or her videos.

Vedio Content marketing

5. Social media platforms will continue growing:

Many brands have learned to rely completely on online business, new social media platforms 2021 will roll out too. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have worked continuously on developing online business solutions.

Nowadays, users can use Facebook shops, Instagram shoppable posts, for purchasing a product without moving on to another platform.

Consumers are enjoying this due to the convenience it is delivering. Also, brands that are not having their own eCommerce store can use these online shopping tools.

These are delivering new opportunities to brands for selling products online in a comfortable environment.

Social media applications can use the users’ data for giving a better experience to the audience in all the third-party apps.

Companies gain the to dominate the market by collecting more info about users and serving smaller sites and apps in a better way.

Social Media Platform

6. Users will make full use of gaming and VR:

Our 2021 social media trends and study show that the most increase in the number of gamers will be due to virtual and augmented reality technology.

The highest rise in gamers’ identification occurred in pandemic and lockdown times.

Facebook has introduced Oculus (a VR product), Twitch is working in the expansion of online gaming streaming, and Snapchat is releasing mini gaming apps, everything is clear now how gaming and social media will continue growing equally in social media trends for 2021.

Regardless of the size of the business, marketers will have no access to gaming-related promotions now but the major social media platforms have concentrated on launching brand tools.

No doubt, Future social media trends in 2021 will bring high in-game advertising opportunities.

The brand will have to seek possible game-related promotions in the upcoming year.

Gaming and VR

7. Humaning marketing:

Future of social media 2021 is fruitful with the newly consumer-centric approach. Humaning is a unique way to build a strong connection with the audience.

It involves no internal purpose of marketing but only to develop proper connections with humans. It is the right way for a company to deal with potential customers. Humans are such creatures who crave connection and real human experience from brands.

Connecting with consumers in a humaning manner will create a positive impact on the world.

Probably, this will be the most used social media trend for 2021.

Humaning marketing

Let’s close our discussion now:

Our surrounding is changing rapidly and what we have predicted for the social media trend of 2021 may not be the same this year. But, it will be close to the above.

Social media marketers have to work more on their research techniques and find research trends, understand consumer behaviors, and so on.

Some things will be a little different in 2021 but most of them will be presented in an improved way.

Hope this article will benefit you to plan a better social marketing strategy.



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