Social Media Marketing In Healthcare: 13 Powerful Strategy (+ Example)

Social media marketing in healthcare has been an absolute game-changer. It’s an inexpensive way to reach a wider audience and engage with current and potential patients.

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing in many industries, but it is especially powerful for healthcare.

Hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers can use social media to market to potential patients and to connect with current patients.

The most popular platforms for healthcare marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Facebook gives the most bang for your buck, but a strategy on all four platforms is best.

What statistics says?

According to MedTechMedia, 31% of healthcare professionals rely on social media for professional networking.

In a report by JMIR Publication report, it was published that 90% of old users used social media to find and access health information.

This indicates social media marketing in healthcare is on the RISE.

These stats clear social media is playing a great role in brand awareness of healthcare organizations and professionals.

social media healthcare

However, the biggest challenge for them is dealing with ever-changing consumer behavior and expectations.

The above creates difficulty for the business owners to keep the attention of customers intact to your business.

For this, effective social media marketing is a significant step to take.

So, developing and implementing an effective strategies for social media marketing in healthcare can help you in many ways.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most successful social media marketing strategies in healthcare and provide examples you can use to promote your healthcare organization.

12 Strategies: Social Media Marketing In Healthcare

 1. Study Your Target Audience


Health care target audience

People who are following you on your social media handle can belong from different backgrounds, ages, locations, etc.

You have to study your target audience and plan appropriate healthcare social media campaigns.

Keep the plan differently for all your social media handles because what kind of people following you on LinkedIn and Twitter, might not be the same on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Experiment With Posts

social media post ideas for healthcare

Now, knowing about them gives you a broad idea of what contents need to be published.

First, do some experiments in posting content.

This will help to understand your audience in a better way.

Sometimes, ditching your planned post and replacing it with the ongoing trend is a brilliant idea.

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3. Educate Your Targeted Audience

social media healthcare education

Most of your targeted audience is looking for solutions to their health problems. For instance, 8 among 10 internet users are looking for health information in the US.

Focus on educating your target audience, it will automatically increase engagement and traffic on your social media handle.

Provide basic self-help information to get rid of a disease or ease the symptoms of an illness.

Make sure it’s correct and informative then only your audience will find it helpful.

Below are few social media post ideas for healthcare.

  • Preventive measures for fighting diseases
  • Healthcare tips
  • Did you know fact?
  • “How to” contents for taking care of patients
  • Infographics

By delivering the right information, you can prevent diseases and help them to combat harmful effects.

Maintain a balance between all kinds of posts you are publishing. In addition, share links to the latest research studies and treatment options.

It doesn’t matter if you are posting a blog, videos, or images, just ensure that it provides value.

4. Share Valuable Resources

social media in healthcare ppt

Keeping your audience aware of what’s happening in the healthcare industry is a great way to connect with them. If there is an event happening in your area, share its details on your page.

Spreading awareness can directly affect brand awareness and recognition.

This also helps with gaining patient’s trust and building a loyal customer base.

It’s a vital strategy of social media marketing in healthcare.

Keep in mind to publish fresh content instead of circulating an old one. You can also share information regarding classes, seminars, and webinars.

5. Act as the Pillar to Local Community

healthcare social media campaigns in local communities

Local charity organizations or communities always require support. You can provide support to them just by sharing their program or campaign details on their page. See the picture below for example.

Local charity organizations

And posting about it on social media, will increase the visibility of your social media handle.

Besides, you can affect your audience at an emotional level by being back support to local communities.

This strategy of social media marketing in healthcare is highly in trend. Incorporate CSR activities and see how your page visibility boosts up.

6. Motivate your Audience

motivate audience in social media healthcare

Healthcare problems can affect the mental health of a person. It can bring down their motivation level of living.

You can help such people by posting motivational content. Share the journey of a patient’s recovery from a life-threatening disease.

Such as Margdarsi– One of the top rehabilitation center in bhubaneswar, have showcase their patient journey in their instagram handle.

This can give some hope to the families going through a hopeless situation.

Along with the patient’s success stories, smart social media marketers can show off how they are bringing a difference in their life.

This strategy of social media marketing in healthcare will work to grow your business.

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7. Tackling Fake News

 social media marketing in healthcare fake news

In the Covid-19 pandemic, many fake news was circulating on WhatsApp and other social media networking platforms. As a result, it was possessing threat to public health.

When asked by people, 43.9% of them agreed that they will likely share scientific content on social media.

Just by adding the name of a scientist of a reputed university, simple misleading information was sounding trustworthy to people.

With your social media handle, you can tackle fake news being published on social media.

People who believe in such news needs to be provided the right information.

It’s a brilliant strategy of social media in healthcare to improve credibility and trustworthiness.

8. Brand Building and Reputation Management

 social media marketing in healthcare brand awareness

Maintaining a positive Online Reputation Management (ORM) is essential to growing your page on social media. But how can you do this?

The answer is reviews by customers and the followers on your Facebook page.

Your customers can also share the reviews on their own feed tagging you.

It’s an efficient social media marketing strategy in healthcare for building a brand image and reputation.

9. Social Listening

social listening in social media marketing in healthcare

Social Listening is a way to find out the relevant conversations related to your brand happening across several social media channels.

These conversations will make you understand what people think about your organization and services.

Not only this, but you will also come to know about what image does competitor has in the eye of your followers.

With all these, you also get an idea of how to plan a perfect social communication strategy and grow your brand. It’s a perfect social media marketing in healthcare strategy.

10. Be Compliant

keep patient details secret in social media marketing in healthcare

Your organization has to keep the patient’s detail confidential so beware of posting any such contents related to them.

This is how you can meet the HIPAA regulations and maintain the medical ethics code.

Stay away from sharing information, which can reveal a patient’s identity.

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11. Behind The Scene Contents

Authentication in healthcare social media marketing

For leaving a positive impression on your followers, use publishing of “behind the content” scenes.

behind the scenes content healthcare

This social media marketing in healthcare strategy shows the attitude you are adopting at the workplace.

People develop a personal connection to you when you post behind the scene content.

12. Sharing User-Generated Content

use of user generated social media marketing in healthcare

Using user-generated content on your social media handle will assist in catching the attention of your followers. It will trigger them to trust you.

user-generated content health

Even you or me love the recommendation of others, isn’t it?

In the same way, when you share other’s recommendations representing your brand, it makes others believe your brand.

BONUS STRATEGY: Healthcare Marketing

13. Emotional Marketing

emotional marketing in healthcare

In a crowded, hyperactive world, your audience is hungry for relatable stories. Something which makes meaningful.

For example-

If you’re a life coach, you can make a campaign that acknowledges nervousness your potential clients are facing, or you could highlight how your facilities will help them feel more tranquil.

Why Emotional Marketing?

Its SIMPLE, To get their dopamine pumping.

dopamine pumping

Dopamine plays a important role in decision making; closing that when a marketer desires to influence decision-making, it is useful to considering the dopamine factor fetched about by emotion.

  • You become more memorable.
  • Your content becomes more shareable.
  • It effects buying decisions.
  • It aids build customer reliability and produce brand advocates.

A number of factors contribute to evolving an emotional connection. 

It draws out emotional state such as happiness, anger, or guilt in the audience.

Neuro-imagery shots demonstrate that when customers assess brands, they often use their emotions, based on personal feeling and experiences, rather than evidence about the brand, such as features and facts.

How To Apply Emotional Marketing In Healthcare?

To effectively put emotion in your healthcare marketing, all you need to do is-

  1. Know your audience
  2. Know which emotions your audience would relate most.
  3. Tell them a story


The way healthcare industry has become highly competitive in the past two years, social media marketing will play a key role in your healthcare business growth. Above mentioned strategy can be useful for you, if you planned it strategically.

Let me know in the comment below, which points suits you best.

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