SEO Skills You Must Have

SEO Skills You Must Have The requirement for competent digital marketing professionals is increasing nowadays with businesses going online. It has especially seen a remarkable boom in the corona explosion. 

To get visible on top of  Google search results, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is needed. You can’t escape investing in bringing organic traffic for meeting up your goals in business.

Keyword research, competitors’ analysis, or campaign development are the areas covered in SEO for which skills are needed.


Analytics Skills

Analytical skills mean gathering data, understanding the marketing patterns, forming a strategy, and problem-solving. The following tools are to be used for this:

  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Search Console 
  • Screaming Frog 
  • Heatmap tools (Crazy Egg, TopSpot, etc.)
  • Backlink analysis (RavenTools, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.)

Research Skills

 Research for a campaign begins with keyword analysis and competitor analysis. Some instrumental tools are:

 You don’t need to be a coding master, but should be able to understand the basic HTML.Knowing about HTML code, which is connected with important on-page SEO factors for your website optimization is necessary.

 If you know coding basics, you should be able to make changes without breaking your site. Also, add the key features relevant to your campaign and make a change to the backend of your site.


Critical Thinking

  •  If you find out a problem, then it should trigger like this in your mind
  •  What happened?
  •  Why did this happen?
  •  What should we do now?
  •  Learn to make a good decision with proper examination.

Communication Skill

Being an SEO specialist, you have to elucidate strategy to team members or your client.

Keep Updated

 New information or technology around SEO happens daily. It should be your personal effort not to lag behind and update your knowledge to make innovative and useful strategies accordingly.


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