Name– Deep Patel

Known as– America’s youngest self-made millionaires.

Age– 21

Occupation– Serial Entrepreneur, Marketer And Author

Recognized– Top 25 Marketing Influencer By Forbes

Contributor at Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and Forbes.


Who Is Deep Patel?

deep patel- world youngest millionaire

If one had to define Deep Patel in a single word, it would be, “marketer.” Deep Patel is only 20 and is already one of World’s youngest millionaire, an iconic entrepreneur, marketer and bestselling author of A Paperboy’s Fable: The 11 Principles of Success. He is already considered as one of top 25 marketing influencers, by Forbes. Deep’s Book has been ranked #1 business book of 2016 by success magazine. After all his accolades, Patel is now also a leading contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and Success Magazine.

Deep Patel’s Struggle

From the small town of Georgia, Deep Patel has stunned the world by turning a millionaire before 20. Now what stands out about Deep Patel is that he isn’t your mainstream 25th Silicon Valley millionaire, with a coder brain and elaborate university degrees. Neither does he have any investor backing him up. What he is -an entrepreneur at the very core?

Patel, even as a kid, was a kid with a flair for business. He would resale rare coins on e-bay that led him to hoard his first savings of 2,000 USD by the age of 12. And then his first best-selling book A Paperboy’s Fable: The 11 Principles of Success, only at the age of 17. A story that the gathered by piecing together the childhood stories of his father, as a paperboy.

Book- a paper boy fable

However as his book gained prominence his grades began to fall. Thankfully enough, Patel’s work caught the attention of eminent fortune 500 companies like, Unilever, Warner Brothers and IBM. They recognized Patel’s insight on marketing strategies that could be the key to hooking younger target audience. Soon enough, Patel’s insights, formed Deep & Co. a marketing agency for start-ups and fortune 500s. Now he got his first break, but taking the next leap seemed a bit difficult. In a world where money is made by Tech Wizards, Patel couldn’t write a single line of code. Neither did he have investors backing him up to hire coders. So what would he do? What would be his next decisive steps?

Deep Patel’s Breakthrough

Deep Patel took his extensive experience in marketing and figured that the companies were simply blowing away money on social media teams, without keeping a tab on its effectiveness. This insight of Patel made way for, Brandmates and Owlmetrics. Products that would present a suite of marketing tools to help brands develop functional insights on their social media performance, by analyzing empirical data on users digital footprint.brandmates- deep patel company

However, Deep Patel had no idea on how to write codes for such marketing tools. This is when he partnered with his technical co-founder, and self-funded the enterprise with his returns from Deep & Co. From the very beginning Deep’s aim was to build a sustainably profitable business model. He later continued to form his e-commerce startup, Moods, that sells CBD products like flavored oils, capsules, gummies and creams. Today Deep Patel net worth is estimated over 3 million dollars in revenue.


Deep Patel Tips Young Entrepreneurs On Success

“Even if you are not skilled in the art of networking, it does not mean the end of the world. Have patience. Don’t worry! Sometimes it takes time,” said Deep Patel.

Deep Patel through his years of success at an early age gathers his timeless insights and contributes it to young aspiring entrepreneurs as a contributor in website like Entrepreneur. Forbes, Success, Influencive, Huffpost, Entrepreneurmag.

Like in his debut book, Deep Patel, through online blogs and digital media solution providing websites, share unique philosophies of business that will boost the ROI of food trucks to tech startups. Deep Patel also focuses on the concept of networking for the success of business. He emphasizes on the confidence of approaching industry leaders, networking with them and maintaining it. He also ads that one must attach value to what and whom one networks with.


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