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Linkedin Marketing Strategy In 2022  is a productive strategy which helps in building brand, generating leads, increasing website traffic and more. With the right LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy in 2022, it may be hugely helpful in  building your overall business.

Why Lead Generation Is Important?

Leads are the potential customers that one needs to target which later can be converted into a good customer for the company. Thus leads are an indispensable part of any business. Moreover, if one wants to have good profitable customers, getting good leads is important. However, lead generation is not an easy thing. A business needs to be careful to determine its leads properly as following any lead will need company resources.

Linkedin- A Powerful Lead Generation Tool

It is clear that Linkedin marketing plans are constantly improving. Infact it is one of the most valuable channel for marketers.

Linkedin Statistics That Marketers Should Know In 2022:

  • There are a minimum of 2 members who are joining Linkedin every two seconds. Src
  • Currently Linkedin has almost 800 million users which are increasing regularly. Src
  • The male and female percentage ration in Linkedin is 57:43. Src
  • 55% of decision makers use LinkedIn for deciding the organization to work in Src

How Can You Generate Leads On Linkedin Using Linkedin Marketing Strategy In 2022?

One major question that may arise is how to create the best B2B Linkedin Strategy which will help attract customers? To answer this question you need to follow seven proven linkedin marketing strategy which can bring massive lead generation in 2020:-

Linkedin Marketing Strategy In 2022:

  1. Make good connections to Find New Leads
  2. Content Planning
  3. Be An Industry Expert
  4. Join Linkedin Groups
  5. Optimize Your Company Page And Profile
  6. Research & Understand Your Target Audience
  7. Use of Linkedin Ads

Let’s learn one by one-

1. Make good connections to Find New Leads

Make connection in linkedin- b2b linkedin strategy

We all agree that Linkedin is a place of professionals. You need to make good connections over there to find the new leads.

A company needs to find good leads. There can be many ways to do that. First appoint people or marketers who understand linkedin for business marketing.

It is important to clarify the goals of the business to the marketers so that they can work properly. A company may have several goals starting from brand awareness, recruitment, making connections etc.

It is highly advisable that a company should not take up shortcuts for this lead generation.

2. Content Planning

  1. Linkedin Content Planning- linkedin marketing strategy
  2. Content planning is one of the crucial steps to convert those leads. Research and create the proper content based on the type of leads that they are planning to target.

Contents can be created from external or internal sources. The internal sources include the employees of the company itself. If the company is planning to expand its marketing in the recent times one may create their own set of experts who make proper contents for the company.

However it is also possible that they give this work to some external agency that makes the content based on the requirement of the business. It is always better to have some internal agents such that they are able to understand the mission and vision of the company before making the content.

However a lot of this depends on the financial goal of the company too. If a company find it cheaper to give the assignment to an external body then they can definitely do so.

Hence businesses are different and they should choose wisely based on their resources.

3. Be An Industry Expert

Be An Industry Expert in linkedin b2b marketing

It is important for your company to position itself as an expert in its field. You can do this by sharing and distributing valuable content.

You will get the below benefits when you position yourself as an expert:-

  • Profile optimization in your preferred markets
  • Better and more opportunities
  • Cost-effective (No cost) marketing costs
  • Lower cost of sale
  • Better margins

Hence if a company claims to be the leader, they should work like one and try to suffice the needs of the people.

4. Join Linkedin Groups

Linkedin Groups ENSETT marketing

LinkedIn allow their members to connect with Linkedin Groups, who are in-turn your potential leads. Try joining a relevant group which help the person to find proper leads for the future. It is highly recommended to show your authority in the group by expert insights, answer questions, etc., In short- To provide value to the group.

You can also read- Do’s and Don’ts Of LinkedIn Group Lead Generation

5. Optimize Your Company Page And Profile

As said by Melanie Pinola

“Make sure your LinkedIn profile has a targeted headline. Not only should the headline clearly state your career focus, it’s also the most important place to add a keyword or two, because this influences how you appear in search results”

Optimization of the company page is infact the most important part of Linkedin marketing. In Linkedin. Users searches based on particular key phrases in their niche.

To optimize your profile and page, make sure to use such terms and keywords in your company page and profile.

You can also take help of SEO tools to find out the keywords that are most relevant to people or those that are constantly searched in Linkedin.

6. Research & Understand Your Target Audience

Linkedin Target audience, linkedin marketing- ensett

When crafting your Linkedin marketing strategy in 2022 plan, it’s important to find your ideal target audience. Get to know your audience habits, time spent on LinkedIn, types of content they prefer. This way you can well-research and understand your target audience.

7. Use of Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Ads, linkedin b2b marketing- ENSETT

If you want quick and effective results, you can also take help of LinkedIn Advertisement. It provides you more high-quality leads. Run and promote Ads based on whitepapers, case studies, surveys, etc.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Case Studies

Disney- Case Study

Company- The Walt Disney Company

Number of followers- 4.7 million followers (As on 29th January 2022)


We all know about Disney Company. Let’s learn how they promote their brand over Linkedin.

Disney LinkedIn Marketing Strategy:

  • They use this Linkedin profile to primarily promote their employees. This is infact a very intelligent step given that they want to promote the brand as an employee friendly brand. They generally post content on their Linkedin page with many people love reading.
  • Their post mainly consists of employees such as the housekeeping director of their Grand Florida office.
  • This post explains her first class guest service to people who visit Disney World.
  • Apart from the interesting employee activities. Disney posts various other things such as the jobs available to them in various departments.
  • They also share tips and materials based on tings employees should know or learn.
  • For example they recently posted regarding a vacancy in technology solutions manager post.

Promoting employees is one of the best ways many companies try to win hearts. Another such company is Google. They post regular employee updates in their Linkedin page which gives sneak peek of the company culture..

Over To You

LinkedIn is one of the top lead prospecting social platforms for B2B lead generation. Be prepared to have patience as it is a time-taking task.

We understand how important it is for any company to promote their business online. To assist a company through Linkedin marketing strategy in 2022, or B2B linkedin strategy, Linkedin marketing plan, and many more,  ENSETT (Digital Marketing Company In Patna) is an effective medium. They help their customers through the social media problems and create effective marketing strategy which helps the company to grow big and better. They also excel in SEO, Graphics, Social Media Marketing and many such things which will help a company to get the best out of it.

Bonus Video:

You must watch this genius guy named Jordan Platten, insight on LinkedIn Lead Generation (LinkedIn Marketing)

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