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Do you know when it is easier to sell a product or service to others? It’s when you have established a good relation with the public.

What is Public relation?

Public relation is a strategic way of passing information that organizations and individuals use for affecting the perception of the public. With PR, a company will find it easy to gain exposure and see growth in its business. It involves the carrying out of various activities that comprise advertisement with press releases and a lot more.

Why Does Public Relations Matter for your business?

For any business, it’s difficult to earn trust from the public and without it, no business can gain returns. Trust plays a crucial role in business growth and here PR plays a crucial role in making you more authoritative and trustworthiness.

Advantage of PR:

  • Contributes to increasing credibility of a brand
  • Improves brand growth quickly
  • Helps to connect with a wide number of people and promoting brands value
  • An affordable way to get exposure

How Do ENSETT Work?

We are one of the few PR agencies of Patna, which has formulated a simplified approach to assist companies. Our team is aware of the problems and challenges of the market

Understanding your business and needs

Before planning anything for digital PR purposes, we first study your business and the needs. After that, we identify what strategy needs to be followed for public relations. So, let us get some idea about your business to plan further.

Identifying Opportunities

Depending on your business and the needs, we figure out the right channel to build public relations. Influencer marketing and Press releases are two of the most used strategy for any business. For press releases, we try to connect with journalists and other media for getting the most out of the PR plan.


When the PR strategy has been established and opportunities have been listed, it’s time to implement and bind them.

Public Relations Vs Marketing Vs Advertising

Sometimes, all these three terms are taken in the same sense despite when they are different.

Public relation is more about building a relationship between an organization, an individual, and the public for protecting the company’s image. In this, experts curate messages and distribute them with the non-paid channel.

Advertising is a process of conveying a brand’s message to the people and persuading them to buy the product but in the paid form.

Both of them are considered as part of promotional methods, which falls under the umbrella term “Marketing”. However, marketing involves all the activities that help in buying or selling products. Companies set some marketing goals that are achieved with the efforts of advertising and PR departments.

Our Approach

As one of the reputed PR agencies in Bihar, we are striving to provide valuable exposure to businesses. By following up a strategic approach, our team ensures to provide results and form up a long-term bond with you. We hold a special interest in PR for brands because it’s not only challenging but also gives us chance to help them most fruitfully. To be honest, we love doing PR marketing for all businesses regardless of their size.

Currently, we are serving in the Bihar region but our connection is spread nationwide. It enables us to channelize your brand without any hassle.

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