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    digital marketing consultant
    We help develop online branding, reach more people, drive more revenue

    We as Digital marketing consultant plan, execute, and manage incorporate digital marketing operations across organic, paid, and social channels that grow your business and sales funnel.

    Our Digital Strategy starts with understanding the business and its cons and pros. We believe there is no single strategy for every business, so we brainstorm the whole idea and come up with a strategy that best works for your business. You can rely on our experiences, as we have some of the best mind working in our team. You can see the substantial growth in website traffic, business overall reach, sales conversion and profitability.

    Why You Should Consider Social Media Services?

    • Your Competitors Are Successful on Social Media.
    • Your Audience Lives On Social Media.
    • Generate new customers.
    • Get instant viral with Viral Social Media Content.
    • Cost-Effective.
    • Easy to measure success through Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and other non-native tools.
    • Educate your audience.
    • Good ROI

    ENSETT Makes The Brand, Not Just Online Gimmick

    ENSETT is one of the best social media marketing in Patna and has been helping several brands to establish their identity in the competitive industry. For many years, ENSETT has used sophisticated methods and technologies to ensure that the brands can market their products and services in such a way that they are visible to thousands of people who are genuinely interested in them.

    Our experienced team members will patiently show you how the world perceives brands nowadays and inform what are the changes happening around them in today’s world.

    What We Follow?

    ENSETT is your reliable Digital Marketing Consultant in Patna.

    Planning > Attract > Engage > Optimize > Measure

    How We Do It?

    We can assist you fast growth with results-oriented digital marketing campaigns. As a Digital marketing consultant, we will work with you as an extension or adding to your team to build and optimize your marketing and sales funnels, drive more sales capable leads, and upsurge your revenue. We can help you:

    • Automate your marketing and lead generation.
    • Get new clients.
    • Quicken your company’s growth.
    • Enhance Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
    • Increasing Website Exposure (Traffic & Conversions).
    • Build Relationships (Engagement).
    • Develop a content strategy via professional content writers.
    • Create engaging content.
    • Connecting with the right influencer.
    • Creating hashtag and making it popular.

    An efficient and top notch brand strategy covers all the vital aspects of the business of the brand. ENSETT or Enabling & Services through technology is one of the top social media marketing companies in Patna and other parts of Bihar.

    Our Social Media Marketing Services:

    Have a look at the different services which we offer to our clients currently.

    Monthly Services:

    1. Business Online Branding (Organic + Paid).
    2. Social Media Advertising (Paid).
    3. Social media Page Management– Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,
    4. Influencer Outreach.

    One Time Service:

    1. Digital Strategy and Consulting
    2. Social Media Training (To Company, Employees, Students)
    3. Search Strategy (SEO, SEM, PPC)
    4. SEO Audits and Recommendation
    5. Social Strategy
    6. Content Strategy

    Wondering What To Ask Us?

    Here are the best 10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a Social Media Consultant.

    1. How successful are you in your own social media networks?
    2. Do you understand my market?
    3. How connected are you to influencers in my industry?
    4. May I have the names of your clients?
    5. Where can I find current and past examples of your work?
    6. Which tools do you use to measure the ROI of your campaigns?
    7. What are some social media campaign ideas for my business?
    8. Which social media do you specialize in?
    9. How would you handle a social media crisis?
    10. What are your payment terms and are they negotiable?

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