Local SEO: 7 Ways (Quick & Easy) To Dominate Local Searches

Are you running any small business?

Are you concerned about its popular and visibility in online world?

For any business, especially for small ones, local search plays a lead role in driving traffic, sales and improving conversion rate.

It is evident from the statement that 97% of users made online searches in 2020 to connect with a local business.

Local SEO

So, avoid underestimating the power of local search and instead focus on optimizing your website.

If you are running a local business and noticing that your site has a low ranking in the Google map local pack?

Then, you need to optimize your website for local SEO.

Especially after Coronavirus Outbreak, small business is struggling.

In this article, we’ll talk about the latest ways to optimize your website for local SEO and get found by potential customers.

Tips to Improve Website Visibility for Local SEO

List your site to Google My Business.

Businesses looking out for improving their ranking in Google map local 3 pack needs to list their site at Google My Business SEO.

Doing this will improve the ranking and the chances of being found by your potential customers on SERPs can increase too.

It is easy to list your website by creating and verifying a Google My Business Page.

You have to share all the requested information there.

And then the information will be added to your business profile after it finds your business trustworthy and legit.

Moreover, don’t miss sharing posts there for optimizing your site performance for local SEO.

An important tip: Utilize primary and LSI keywords in the content for getting your business listed in the local pack.

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Optimize Home Page and Meta Data 

Make sure to add all the essential elements to your web page that includes:

  • What do you do?
  • Who you are?
  • Where your business is located? Etc.

Having these on your site’s home page makes it easy for Google to perceive basic information about your business.

In addition, if you are optimizing your site for local SEO, always add your products, services, and location to the title and meta tag.

Designing Pages

While designing the pages for your website, keep separate pages for your products and services.

This helps in enhancing their ranking and bridging the gap between your business and prospects.

Similarly, you have to keep different pages for your business locations.

For example, if you are running your business at three various locations, then build discrete pages for them.

It’s an effective SEO practice that you must implement.

Otherwise, you will end up confusing the search engine regarding your business location.

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Using Schema 

Use schema in all your site pages because it’s a brilliant technique for optimizing a website for local SEO.

This will take your business into the Google local pack, which you are desiring, isn’t it?

Local Schema tells the search engines about your business. It’s added to a website in the form of codes.

Bots read these schemas (codes) to understand what your business is all about?

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Adding Sites to Local Directories

One of the crucial and reliable ways to optimize your site for SEO is to list your site in the local directories.

Doing it yourself can be a strenuous and time-consuming job. Hence, you can hire someone to do it or use a tool.

Many tools are available online, but we will recommend you to try SEMrush.

Its extensible set of features lets you do more.

However, you have to keep the information the same on every local directory.

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Local SEO Reviews 

Reviews related to your business not only help in earning the trust of prospects, but also assist search engines to access your relevancy.

They act as a ranking factor so when any user searches for a query, the search engine will index the reviews related to your site.

And after this, it will present the most appropriate results to the users’ queries.

Therefore, try to gain positive reviews and ask your customers to share their feedback to optimize your site for local SEO.

Update Citation

Check how your business is listed in the Google My Business Page and compare it to the pages of your website.

Ensure both matches but if you haven’t added the NAP (name, address, and phone number) citation yet on your page, do it now.

The best place to add the citation NAP citation is on the header or footer.

Optimize for Voice Search 

Nowadays, the use of voice search is ramping up.

Surely, It is dominating in the digital industry.

Almost 50% of people are using voice search for finding a business online.

So, you have to use voice-friendly keywords on your website and its contents. This is a smart strategy in terms of local SEO.

To know what people are looking for around the web, Ask the Public is the perfect platform to use.

Wrapping it up

If any business is looking to connect with its target audience at some specific location, this is where local SEO matters.

But before that, one more thing to consider is website optimization.

The blend of both works in improving your site visibility.

Your prospects can now find your business easily on the web.

Hope you find this blog informational and added some value in your marketing.


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