How Digital Marketing Has Changed in the Era of Coronavirus-

The coronavirus pandemic has made organizations disregard old strategies and embrace change. Since digital marketing remote work became the new standard, companies have been implementing new strategies to meet customers’ needs.

Digital marketing has always been a field where workers can do their duties from home. However, the rules of the game have changed, and digital marketers have been using new tools to help companies stay competitive.

Given that, here are some ways remote work in digital marketing has changed during COVID-19.

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Before the coronavirus lockdown, digital marketers used to create sophisticated advertisements at studios. They used all the available resources at the office and provided excellent results. However, after the lockdown, they needed to try new ways to make advertisements.

At home, the lack of resources prompted them to use their creativity to create low-budget but effective advertisements. Self-made videos are now mainstream, and using digital platforms like TikTok has changed the way digital marketers work from home.

TikTok has transformed the way companies interact with customers. As the app allows users to capture small but important moments, advertisements are way more effective.

The application has also become very popular, and as days pass, it’s gaining more ground.

“The digital revolution is far more significant that the invention of writing or even of printing.”

Douglas Engelbart

Digital Marketing In Social Networks Are Key to Approach Customers:

After the coronavirus outbreak, more customers began to spend more time online. They now prefer to make their purchases online and enjoy their leisure time.

Social networks like Instagram have allowed companies to take big strides. During the coronavirus lockdown, digital marketers used social networks to take companies’ marketing campaigns to the next level.

Social networks allow organizations to provide better customer service.

Instagram’s machine learning algorithm makes the task of reaching potential customers more comfortable. The Instagram app provides suggestions based on liked content, and it has allowed companies to approach customers with ease.

During isolation, many digital marketers enrolled in coding schools like Thinkful to learn new skills. As the company teaches in-demand tools, digital marketers can help organizations reshape the market.

Digital Marketing In Cloud Computing for Secure Data Access:

During isolation, the need for secure data access increased. As workers couldn’t go to the office, companies began to contract cloud computing services.

For digital marketers, it became a must as they often work with other professionals during projects. AWS is among the most popular cloud services, and several workers began to learn it. Cloud services are an excellent way to access companies’ databases from home.

They are secure and have allowed organizations to reduce costs. Coding Dojo is a vocational school that offers an online coding bootcamp to learn AWS skills.

Students receive live support from instructors and can become self-sufficient developers by studying only 20 hours per week.

Virtual Meetings In Digital Marketing:

During the pandemic, having virtual meetings to catch up became the norm. Since digital marketers work in teams, they often have to attend meetings to report results and decide which action the company should take.

While developing marketing campaigns, they need support from co-workers to provide the best result possible. In that case, digital platforms like Zoom and Skype are now a must-have tool for corporations and remote workers.

Some world-class companies have developed their own virtual meeting solutions. They can keep shared information secured and prevent data leakage.

Virtual meetings are also an excellent way to share important insights with all participants in real-time. As a result, fewer numbers of meetings are required.

Digital Marketing for Online Events:

Many digital marketers and corporations have decided to create virtual events to attract and keep more customers.

These events are a great way to show customers’ that companies are still working to meet their needs. Also, they are an excellent option for public relations.

While attending virtual events, digital marketers can promote products and increase companies’ brand recognition. Years ago, online events weren’t that popular.

However, customers now spend more time online, and they are playing a key role in attracting and retaining customers.

In-home Learning for Digital Marketing:

Customers now have higher requirements. They are more concerned not only about how websites look but how they perform.

Consequently, many digital marketers have to leverage their skills in order to provide what customers demand. Creating content has become a new challenge, and some digital marketers even had to learn coding skills.

For several, learning WordPress was a lifesaver as it is an excellent tool for creating sophisticated websites within minutes.

Also, it’s beginner-friendly, and it’s becoming more popular day after day.


The coronavirus pandemic has affected every field and industry around the world. From now on, digital channels will become a need for every company, and demand for digital marketers will increase.

These are only a few ways digital marketing has changed in 2020 as well as ENSETT.COM also giving its full contribution to promote the local brand in the covid pandemic.

However, customers will continue to spend more time online, and digital marketers will need to find new ways to attract their attention.

Let’s watch what SEO King Neil Patel has to say about digital marketing In 2020:

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