7 Creative Ways Digital Marketing Can Help The Education Industry Grow

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a serious challenge to education industry.

However, Now more education insitutions wanted to learn about education marketing.

It’s clear with the fact that schools and colleges adopting online learning, webinar, etc. for connecting with students.

However, the same time has brought plenty of challenges to them.

This is because educational institutes are no longer relied on traditional relied marketing strategies.

 Before the pandemic, the situation was different like use of flyers and banners was in trend.

And now,

It’s all about how strong your online presence is.

Education Marketing

As a consequence, this has created a need for them to do online education marketing.

But, no organization in the educational sector has enough time and resources to deploy for that.

Therefore, they outsource an education marketing agency for growing their presence over various online marketing channels.

Gone are those days when parents had no knowledge about technology.

They are becoming tech-savvy too like students.

Thus, you have to leverage the power of online marketing and enhance your reach to a wide audience.

If you are running any educational organization and want to know how digital marketing can help you, keep reading this guide on education marketing.

What impact digital marketing is making in education sector?

In India, the number of young people is the highest throughout the world. Around 580 million falls in the age category of 5-24 years.

It opens a lot of opportunities for schools, colleges, and universities, but how to grab them?

As more and more people perform online research before taking admission to any college, it’s impossible to lure them with newspaper ads.

Even parents look for information online like reviews and sites before sending their child to any school 

With digital marketing efforts, an educational institution can build a powerful impression among its targeted audience.

It can improve its brand awareness and marketing strategy for better reach and connect with leads.

7 Ways You can use Digital Marketing education marketing

1) Connect with Prospects

Connect with Prospects

Tech-savvy parents or students spend plenty of their time online.

Most especially on social media platforms to gather information or communicate with others.

When you have a solid digital presence, it’s easier for you to connect with prospective students and persuade them to take admission.

This is one of the reasons why you must use education marketing.

Digital marketing is dominating in the education sector and not using it for your brand will hamper its growth.

It can be a game-changing strategy when used wisely.

2) Boost Brand Awareness

Education Marketing Brand Awareness

For connecting with the targeted group, brand awareness plays a crucial role here.

Your brand’s online visibility is enhanced using education marketing through social media platforms, site optimization, SEO, paid campaigns, and so on.

It can take time to brand your organization, but it is worth doing for long-term success.

Moreover, a significant increase in the audience base on social media will bring more leads for your institution.

3) Education Marketing is Cost-Effective

Education Marketing Cost-Effectiveness

In comparison to the traditional marketing approach, digital education marketing saves huge investments. It allows you to target a large group with less implementation cost.

People don’t watch television much or stick to the radio anymore.

Their first choice is the phone to pass some time, collect information, or get entertainment.

Hence, investing in a social media marketing campaign will help in deriving fruitful results.

4) Personalized Marketing

Personalized Education Marketing

Traditional marketing lacks personalization.  But digital education marketing offers a data-driven strategy to tweak marketing campaigns as per the need and condition. 

For instance, every student in an educational institution has a unique goal.

Data-driven marketing tools can be used to access and collect data by tracking the activities of the students.

What they are doing, which posts are catching their attention; all these kinds of data are tracked.

Having the right data in the hand and personalizing marketing strategy including SMS and email marketing, digital marketers can provide a better possibility of conversions.

5) Measurable and Modifiable

data analytics

Fortunately, digital education marketing is measurable due to the availability of data analytics tools.

Hence, it’s a big relief that every educational marketing campaign can be tracked. They can be modified too depending on the situation such as off-season.

At that time, you can face losses from the campaign.

One more thing to note is that education marketing is heavily targeted and aligned with permission-based marketing, so it’s easy to monitor campaign performance with the already available data.

Suppose the admission time arrives then advertisers can use the “retargeting” feature for pitching to prospects.

6) Good Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

People who are visiting your website might not be converting due to poor or no online marketing efforts.

Digital education marketing can bring more conversions with SMS, email, content marketing, retagging, and much more.

They make it feasible for any educational institution to generate leads and convert them with less efforts.

7) Communication Tool

Education Marketing: Communication Tool

By building a strong digital presence, an educational institution can not only enhance its chances of connecting with leads.

It also helps in acting as a medium of communication for the prospects.

They can ask queries, share feedback regarding your college, and suggest some changes to be made in your premise.


Demand of education marketing services has grown rapidly after covid19 pandemic hit the world.

If your educational organization is not using it, you are losing connecting with many prospects.

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