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Every business has a customer service team.

Whether they are in the form of physical space, an email address, or some other form, it’s vital to make your customers feel welcome and satisfied.

The same is true for healthcare providers.

Patients who have a good experience with your office will be more likely to remain loyal patients.

Patients who have a bad experience, on the other hand, may not think twice about seeking care elsewhere.

That’s why it is important to know Social Media Marketing In Healthcare to attract and retain your patients.

Increase patients

Here are some steps you can take to keep your patients happy and coming back for more.

Stage 1: Raise Patient Awareness

At this initial phase, your patient becomes aware of your services, practices, doctors, and subspecialties.

Here, the patient comes to you with his problem and your practice serves as a solution for him.

Stage 2: Patients Engagement

After being aware of your practices, the potential customer will show more interest in you. He may search you on Google, check out review sites, click on your ad posts, ask others about you, and go through your website, and so on.

If you succeed in leaving a positive impression on your potential customer, he will take a step further to connect with you.

Stage 3: Patients’ Subscription

Reaching this stage, the patient will move one step further. They will sign up for your newsletter, like your page on social media, and sign up for a webinar to explore a treatment option.

Use certain tactics, such as

  • Keeping your blog updated and sharing relevant content that your readers can access on social media,
  • Respond to comments on your social media page.
  • Add social sharing buttons and ask your readers to share your posts.

Stage 4: Conversion

Your potential customer is satisfied and made up his mind to become your customer.

He will book an appointment and schedule an office visit online or by phone.

Stage 5: Obtaining a Diagnosis and Receiving Treatment

This stage is all about serving customer needs and taking the challenge of diagnosing. In return, your patient receives value in the form of treatment.  

Stage 6: Ascension

Even after the treatment phase has been completed, your patient can need additional treatment.

This means his treatment has ascended.

Stage 7: Advocacy

Patient advocates are the most valuable elements of marketing.

This is because their success stories help in gaining the trust of others and their response to your call to action.

Stage 8: Patient Promotion

When the treatment finishes off and he leaves your premise, word-of-mouth marketing will begin. Your patient will serve as an indirect ambassador.

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