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Diwali is coming.

I know its two months away from the time I am writing this blog.

But we need to prepare for it. Successful people do it.

Especially when you are in business or operating a retail shop.

Most of the e-commerce giants are eagerly waiting for festival season to spike up sales.

During festival time, people are always purchasing new clothes, footwear, electronics, jewelry, vehicles, and what not.

Diwali Sale Online is the biggest sales month for the eCommerce ecosystem. eCommerce business owners focus on the Diwali sale strategy to increase sales.

The online marketplace offers a massive collection from different range of products and services.

 It is estimated that `40-50 % of total annual retail sales occur during this festive season`.

Various online shops offer varieties of products at a competitive price, mind-blowing discounts, and offer.

Let’s know how you can take up your Diwali sale online to the next level by applying this amazing Diwali sale strategy:-


Diwali offers sales strategy

We love offers and discounts.

Most companies (online and offline) come up with a great discount and exclusive schemes during the Diwali season.

The shop provides an offer with a twist by using the Diwali sale strategy.

 96% of consumers wish to utilize the best cashback and successful Diwali offer on festive shopping. (Source).

It is a perfect game-changer during October and November and a great way to improve brand recall.

Different types of offers and discount to offer for Diwali sale strategy:

  • Percentage-based discount
  • Dollar value discount
  • Free shipping
  • Offer Product for liking, following and sharing on social media
  • Free gift
  • Discount codes
  • Exclusive social offers
  • Customer loyalty program membership


online contest diwali sales strategy

The online contest is a fantastic way to boost your sale during Diwali.

Online contests are great Diwali sale strategies to convert your business leads into precious customers – particularly in the winners’ case as they had just tried your product for free.

The creative contest helps you to enhance your engagement rates, and people get the WOW feeling.

Let people express their emotions and feeling in the contest as Diwali sale strategy and find out the perfect gift for them.

Offer the winner (participants who have maximum votes are declared) with the product you sell.

 Tools to Run Facebook Contests:

Learn the Google Ranking Factors (Made By Us):


DEDICATED LANDING PAGE Diwali sales strategy

It is essential to give your online store a festive mood. It surely helps you to maintain a good relationship between the online store and customers.

Do you have your website?

Great! Make a separate page and add a web banner on your website.

Don’t you have any website?

No worry, you can make your perfectly designed landing page Diwali deals and offers. It is a perfect Diwali sale strategy to boost ranking. You can use keywords such as best Diwali deals, and Diwali offers that better to target potential. It is the best option to improve search volume also.

 Tools to create some converting landing page:



You have a product or service to offer? Right?

Now get those things to reach to your target audience.

How will you do it?

Adapt a 360-degree marketing approach.

It simply means offering the maximum reach of your offers online.

  • Print media- You can take the help of print media such as stocky notes to grab the attention of your customers without being so irritating and pushy.
  • Animated video teaser- You can make a teaser animated video of your Diwali offers and promote it through social media, email marketing, etc.
  • Interlink of social media profile: There have to be the same offers, tone, call to action on each platform.
  • Affiliate: You can also use affiliate networking and popular website to execute banner ads of some special offers. It will give you an instant boost to your offer.
  • Paid campaign- Define your budgets, make a plan, ensure strong tech support, and you’re ready for paid ads in social media or search engines.


RE-TARGET Diwali sales strategy

You can re-target your customer as per their interests, allowing you to send more customized offers, maximizing the chance of a conversion.

Re-target customer is the best Diwali sale strategy to increase sales.

You can find out consumers who dumped shopping cart and provide value preposition using exclusive offers and deals via search and display ads.

 What are the best tools for retargeting ads?



Have you ever thought of partnering with Coupon sites and start co-branding initiatives?

I mean, you can network with that website and bring your sales to the next level.

Just look at below brand- Clearly Contacts banner displays the product.

It is incredible to show a coupon on your homepage and header part blatantly.

 This is a Diwali sale strategy that should be used by every eCommerce site owners to keep up a good relationship with coupon sites and to begin co-branding initiatives.

Through this, the online store can get good conversion by increasing traffic to the site.

The store can also use affiliate marketing deals of a popular website and maintain banner ads for special offers.

You can visit this Hubspot successful example for more information.


Diwali sales strategy PayU money EMAIL MARKETING-compressed

Data is a new life in the digital world.

If you aren’t collecting data from your customers, then you should now.

Email marketing is an effective Diwali sale strategy to connect your consumers to improve reach and drive sales. It can give you qualified leads for your Diwali sale.

You can communicate great Diwali offers and deals to consumers through mailer communication.

You can read this article written by Inc.

Below are some of the recommended email marketing tools you can try right now:


CUSTOMER SERVICE Diwali sales strategy

Customer service is the first-class way to any successful business – if you don’t have it yet, act fast, and make it on high priority.

Spice up your customer service for your Diwali sale strategy.

Try to give feedback and solve queries and grievances ASAP.

Offer customers complete information related to your products or services.


With the above Diwali sale strategyyou can boost your online sale and celebrate the Diwali festival, instead of loss made by this coronavirus.

You can heartily welcome the new Hindu year.

Happy Diwali to all.

Bonus Video On Diwali Sales Strategy


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